My Long History Standing Up for Delta Communities

As a member of the Delta Protection Commission for two decades, I have a deep understanding of our Delta region and the needs of its diverse communities.

When I joined the Commission in 2000, suburban sprawl was bulldozing our prime farmland and sensitive habitats; the pressure on levees and our water supply was mounting with no end in sight. That’s why I worked hard to implement the “Land Use and Resource Management Plan for the Primary Zone,” effectively halting urban encroachment into the Delta.

I’ve also fought against the peripheral canal, twin tunnels, and everything in between. While that war is never over, we’ve won every battle for over 20 years.

To safeguard our communities and state water supply, I’ve pushed for innovative flood risk management and financing, strengthening not just our farmer-built levees but our entire Delta islands.

Our journey didn’t stop there. I helped launch the Great California Delta Trail and secured the Delta National Heritage Area – California’s only national heritage area. Our waterways, once under threat, now thrive with recreation like fishing, boating, hiking, and swimming.

I’ve also tirelessly advocated for our Delta’s towns, championing economic sustainability programs that promote tourism and agriculture. We’ve come a long way, but our work is far from over. Together, we’ll continue to stand with our Delta communities, preserving the unique heritage and vitality that make this region so special.