Wait 3 New Cities? Where Exactly Would Each One Be?

More details about Flannery Associates’ plans are trickling out every day. This week, Congressman Mike Thompson met with representatives from the group that said they have not yet decided whether they plan to build one large, two medium or three small towns in Solano County. Where these cities or towns will be built remains to be seen.

Following that meeting, Congressman Thompson characterized the shared details as more of a “vision” than a concrete plan. He noted, “To say that this is going to be a long, long road is probably an understatement.”

As I’ve shared in previous newsletters, and in my recent testimony in the Senate, and in recent news articles there is a broad spectrum of questions that remain unanswered, and challenges to be faced. These include issues such as water rights, changing the economic viability of the agricultural community in Solano, and taking land use decisions to the voters, among others.  

As I continue to work to earn your support as State Senator, I am committed to advocating for transparency, seeking the answers our community needs, and keeping you informed on the long road ahead.