New Rideshare Program in Yolo County!

Need a ride in Woodland, Winters, or Knights Landing? Try the newly launched BeeLine service! This new point-to-point rideshare service sponsored by the Yolo Transportation District  became available to residents.

Similar to Uber or Lyft (but WAY cheaper), BeeLine allows residents to access on-demand rides for between $1.50 – $3 for one-way trips!

This is an incredible program that replicates a similar program we launched in West Sacramento, which became an award-winning model for dozens of cities throughout the country. In the 10 months after we started, we saw an average of 325+ rides per day and over 48,000 total rides with 4.92/5 rating!

The positive outcomes from this program were astonishing:

  • 66% of users reported feeling safer getting around town
  • 59% had a greater sense of independence
  • 41% had better access to healthy foods and medical care
  • Monthly transportation expenses are less, especially for riders in their 20s or 60+

With the BeeLine service now available in Yolo County, residents can enjoy affordable, on-demand rides, enhancing their mobility and independence. Drawing inspiration from the success in West Sacramento, this initiative promises to revolutionize transportation in the region, making daily commutes safer, more accessible, and cost-effective for all.