Powerhouse Group of Napa Valley Women Join Team Cabaldon

When I first announced my candidacy for State Senate, there was a concerted effort by some in the party to try and make the case that a candidate from Yolo wouldn’t be able to win in this district. Not only does history show that is a preposterous claim but it also put a fire in my belly to prove them wrong.

Over the last 6 months, I have made it my mission to demonstrate that this race is not based on where a candidate is from. It is about what who understands the diverse needs of our region and is capable of driving the most progress on the issues that reflect our shared Democratic values.

You’ve seen me Chris-crossing the district talking to community members, lifting our communities’ voice in the Flannery saga, speaking out against bigotry when no other candidate would, and earning the support of Democratic clubs throughout the region.

Our momentum has built at an unrelenting pace – and those who said our campaign could never win are more worried than ever. That is why today, I am incredibly excited to announce endorsement of the Progressive Women of Napa Valley!

This powerhouse group of women is committed to electing candidates that will drive progress on issues including living wages for working people, paths to citizenship for our immigrant communities, supporting the LGBT community, protecting a woman’s right to choose, and building the quality housing that is affordable for our region’s families.

They are just the latest in a series of prominent endorsements from statewide civil rights organizations, local grassroots clubs, labor unions and local leaders from throughout our region.

Our campaign is continuing to push hard, working every day to ensure our message is reaching every corner of our region. Our progress is undeniably palpable. And we are just getting started…

Statement from Progressive Women of Napa Valley

“Progressive Women of Napa Valley, advocates for progressive policies and initiatives in Napa County, heartily endorse Chris Cabaldon for CA State Senate District 3.

Cabaldon brings with him great experience that far outweighs that of the other candidates for this office. He reflects a deep understanding of the needs of this wide ranging District and will ably represent the unique interests of Napa County in Sacramento. Cabaldon reflects a deep understanding of the issues facing Napa County, especially the effects of climate change and the dire need for improved wildfire protection. His own work on Affordable Housing enables Cabaldon to help Napa reach its own housing goals while working within our unique and vital Agriculture Preserve land use needs and our flood management concerns.

Currently in his 4th term as CA’s Interstate Higher Education Commissioner and as a former Mayor of West Sacramento, Cabaldon is highly skilled at bringing differing constituencies together on issues and work with them to forge ahead as one community. Furthermore, with his extensive ties to state and federal leaders, Cabaldon is uniquely positioned to be a leading voice in Sacramento for his district and, more specifically, for Napa County.”