Vallejo Leaders Endorse Our Campaign!

This week, our campaign announced that a group of public officials, education leaders, civic champions, and business owners in Vallejo have thrown their full support behind our campaign:

  • Vallejo Mayor Terry Curtola (Ret.)
  • Vallejo Vice-Mayor Hermie Sunga (Ret.)
  • Vallejo City Councilmember Cristina Arriola
  • Vallejo Unified School District Vice President John Fox
  • Vallejo Pista Sa Nayon Cultural Committee Chair Eloise Escano Scott
  • Asian Pacific Islander AmericanPublic Affairs Association Solano Chapter President Gregoria Torres
  • Vallejo Business leader and philanthropist Buck Kamphausen

These leaders don’t always agree on everything, but they know that Vallejo needs a champion in the Capitol who has learned through experience how to wrestle a much greater share of state grants, appropriations, and investments, and how to fix formulas that are weighted by design to divert needed resources for parks, schools, dredging, transportation, health, and so many other needs toward Los Angeles and other parts of the Bay Area.

I’ve spent 20 years fighting—and winning—for underdog communities, and I am excited to fight for Vallejo, Solano, and the diverse places of people of this district.