Exciting New Endorsement from Woodland!

I am thrilled to announce that Woodland City Councilmember Tom Stallard has endorsed our campaign. His endorsement marks a supermajority of Woodland’s city council supporting my candidacy! Tom’s dedication to public service and his commitment to sustainable development aligns perfectly with our vision for California.

In addition to Tom, I am also proud to be supported by these Woodland leaders:

  • Woodland Mayor Vicky Fernandez
  • Woodland Vice-Mayor Tania Garcia-Cadena
  • Woodland City Councilmember Mayra Vega
  • Retired Woodland Mayor Xochtil Rodriguez Murillo
  • Yolo County Supervisor and former Woodland Mayor Angel Barajas
  • Yolo County Supervisor and former Woodland Mayor Gary Sandy
  • Yolo County Board of Education President Dr. Tico Zendejas
  • Yuba Community College Trustee Representing Woodland and retired Yolo County Superintendent of Schools Jesse Ortiz
  • Retired Woodland Mayor Skip Davies
  • Retired Woodland Mayor Enrique Fernandez

These endorsements represent generations of leadership in Woodland and I am humbled to be their choice for State Senate.

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