Our Community Deserves Transparency in Solano County Land Grab

Several weeks ago, I was in Rio Vista for a campaign event and was told about a shadowy group that is buying up an incredible amount of land in Solano County. The land being purchased includes key agricultural land, islands with water rights in the Delta, and areas directly encircling Travis Air Force Base. The group, Flannery Associates LLC, has refused to be transparent about its intentions for these critical areas.

As a long time member of the Delta Protection Commission and the Regional Water Quality Control Board, I know the state has the tools to achieve transparency, protect our resources, and stand up for our communities. That is why I authored an article highlighting how state regulators can get engaged – and what could be at stake if they don’t.

You can read the full piece in CalMatters.

Thank you to members of our community that brought this issue to my attention! In the State Senate, I will be deeply committed to preserving our agricultural land and water supply, and will be ready to fight for our region on day one.