From the Heart of the Archipelago to the Heart of our District

I want to share how my experience as a Filipino American has shaped my approach to public policy and highlight some exciting new supporters from Filipino leaders throughout the state!

As the son of Filipino immigrants, Filipino culture, heritage, and community have always been integral pillars shaping my perspective, values, and vision for public service.

My family’s experience in California has shown me what is possible when we embrace and celebrate the incredible diversity makes California so unique. It has also shown me the importance of always fighting against bigotry and ignorance.

My family immigrated from barangays just outside of Vigan inIlocos Su and Legazpiin Albay. My grandfather served in the U.S. Army during World War II, and my father was born at Fort Ord before the family settled in Stockton and then Hollywood.

As a child, I attended the first magnet school in Los Angeles, which was the cornerstone of racial integration efforts by the school district. On my first day of school, I was bombarded with media asking what it felt like to be on the frontlines of school integration in the region. Those formidable experiences fueled my lifelong commitment fighting for inclusion and acceptance.

Over the years, I have always kept the Filipino community close to my heart.

I continue visit the Philippines regularly, both to visit family and for diplomatic purposes, serving as the U.S. delegate to the Global Parliament of Mayors for many years.

Our district needs leaders who not only understand the needs of our diverse communities but who have a track record of achieving results that make a difference in people’s lives. That is why I am running for State Senate.

Endorsements from Local Filipino Leaders

This week I was deeply honored to receive the endorsement of incredible Filipino leaders from across the state. As a Filipino American, our shared heritage and values have always been a driving force of my public service. To have the trust and support of so many leaders throughout the district and the state is truly humbling.

Public Officials-

Ruth Uy Asmundson, Mayor of Davis (Ret.)

Vigdis Asmundson, Trustee (Ret.), Davis Unified School District

Pamela Bulahan, Mayor of Isleton

Quirina Orozco, Vice Mayor of West Sacramento

Mona Pasquil Rogers, former Acting Lieutenant Governor of California

Mark Pulido, National Co-Chair, Filipinos for Biden

Joselyn Geaga-Rosenthal, Past Chair, CDP Filipino American Democratic Caucus

Dave Tamayo, Sacramento Municipal Utilities District Board Member

Frank Aurelio Yokoyama, Treasurer, CDP Filipino American Democratic Caucus

Community Leaders-

Sorcy Apostol, Tagalog professor, UC Davis & Sacramento City College (Ret.)

Alex Avera, President, Ilocano Foundation of California

Ling Avera, President, Filipino Family Fraternity

Cynthia Bonta, Past President, Philippine National Day Association & Founder,  Outstanding Filipino Youth Awards

Ben de Guzman, former National Coordinator for the National Alliance for Filipino  Veterans Equity

Derek Ledda, Secretary, Filipino American Lawyers Association

Elmer Manaid, President, Filipino American Association of American Canyon (Napa  County)

Dick Mazon, President, Filipino Community of Sacramento & Vicinity • Murray Navarro, President, Filipino Fiesta

Joey Palma, Board Chair, Filipino American Chamber of Solano County • Connie Pasquil, Retiree

Jose Patria, Past President, Filipino Women’s Club

Leila Pereira, President, Filipino Women’s Club

Anthony Quicho, Past President, Filipino American Association of American Canyon

Eloise Escano Scott, Chairperson, Vallejo Pista Sa Nayon cultural committee & Past  President, Hinunangan Association

Danny Yap-Diangco, President, Aklan Association

Meeting with the Filipino Community!

I had a phenomenal time connecting with so many people at Vallejo’s Seafood City – a hub for our region’s Filipino community! It was great to see Vallejo Mayor Robert McConnell and Councilmember Cristina Arriola (rocking incredible blue hair!) along with Elois and Belinda who helped put together the event. I am doing more of these events throughout the district and I hope to see you at one of them soon!