Announcements from the Campaign Trail!

Our campaign is continuing to gain momentum, so I wanted to take a moment to provide a few updates from the campaign trail.

I am excited to share that the Isleton Mayor Pamela Bulahan and Councilmember David Kent are the latest Delta community leaders to join Team Cabaldon! Their endorsements underscore the importance of our small communities and ensuring that every voice in our district gets the representation it deserves.

I also want to share that I was invited to testify at a Senate hearing regarding the ongoing saga surrounding a shadowy land deal in Solano County. My testimony will focus on shortcomings in state laws surrounding the events of this evolving situation.

I’ve also had the pleasure of attending events with our local Filipino community recently. These types of events serve as consistent reminders that our district’s strength lies in its diversity.

Thank you for being with us on this journey. Together, let’s envision and create a district where every resident thrives.

Endorsements Isleton Mayor and Councilmember

I am excited to announce that Isleton Mayor Pamela Bulahan and Councilmember David Kent are endorsing my candidacy!

Isleton was established 100 years ago, and its rich history and the unique spirit of the Delta underscore the importance of ensuring that every community, whether urban or rural, large or small, has a vital role in shaping our state’s future.

Throughout my public service, I had the opportunity to be appointed to the Delta Protection Commission and the Central Valley Regional Water Control Board, where I  spearheaded policies to protect recreation in the Delta, end suburban sprawl bulldozing farmland and sensitive habitat, and establish a region wide flood risk management to help local reclamation districts improve levees. I understand the unique needs of the Delta and its communities and look forward to delivering real results that protect the Delta and improve the lives of residents across its waterways.

I sincerely thank Mayor Bulahan and Councilmember Kent for their endorsement.

Joining the Filipino Community for Lunch with Mayor Ruth Asmundson

Last week, I was proud to share endorsements from local and statewide Filipino community leaders, and my Seafood City visit in Vallejo. On to Davis! This week, I  joined former Davis Mayor Ruth Asmundson at a lunch with members of the Filipino community in Davis.

I spoke about my family’s American story and about how, after my grandparents emigrated to the United States, my grandmother led a group representing Filipino-Americans in Chicago in 1920, a time when it was extremely uncommon for women to hold positions like that.

In my career in public service, I have tried to follow her example, working to expand representation for the Filipino community, mobilizing an unprecedented nationwide bipartisan coalition of mayors to fight for passage of the Filipino Veterans Fairness Act, leading the groundbreaking White House celebration of Filipino American Heritage Month in 2016, and more.

I look forward to the opportunity to represent the Filipino community – and all of our diverse communities – in the State Senate.